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We are a privately held, asset-based transportation company and logistics brokerage provider that offer our customers local and long-distance delivery and transportation services.

For almost a decade, we have provided our customers with a team of innovative and highly skilled professionals that have a track record of foreseeing problems before they arrive. Despite the many variables that can occur on the road, we have in time, developed ready-made solutions for any obstacles that may come. This has allowed us to maintain a high success rate of getting the job done and building strong partnerships based on trust, performance, and flexibility while still guaranteeing speed and efficiency.

We are a people-first company that take great pride in our reputation to provide reliable services, while continually striving to improve the customer experience and go above and beyond expectations.

A Partner You Can Trust

VMT Delivery Express is your partner in ground freight management. Our professional expert logistics team coupled with our reputable carrier network provides you with the full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) freight management solution to continuously move your business forward.  We coordinate over-the-road carriers across the United States to minimize the cost of interstate shipping. In optimal time, our Freight Broker services provides over 5000 vetted carriers in vehicles as small as cargo and sprinter vans to box and semi-trucks.




We abide by our values

Our values

We are committed to guaranteeing our clients the highest quality of service, while still getting the job done, no matter what!!!

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