VMT Freight Brokers Connect Shippers to Drivers Nationwide
If you are looking for a carrier, start with us. All across America, businesses both large and small rely on VMT Freight Brokers to expedite their valuable shipments. These businesses are shipping small and large quantities of products short and long distances every day. In many instances, time is of the essence, and as part of our commitment to personalized service, you will be assigned a dedicated logistics consultant who will be your single point of contact throughout the entire process. This simplifies communication immensely. Your consultant will track your shipment every mile of the way and keep you informed on its progress. In the event of any changes, which may arise, you will be notified immediately. Whether you are looking for a one-shot delivery or a regular resource for shipments, in any size commercial vehicle, VMT delivers. Literally and figuratively.

Our Drivers Make The Difference
We understand any concern you may have about who exactly will be transporting your loads. We share the same concern. After all, it is our reputation on the line. This is why we only work with experienced drivers who have a great driving record and a commitment to excellence. Like all the people and businesses, we work with, our drivers are thoroughly vetted before becoming a part of our network. Each company that hauls loads for us, all have proper motor carrier authority licenses and permits and adequate insurance policies to cover your freight in any situation that may arise.


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You’ve got enough on your plate. Our job is to help you sleep at night knowing that you can service your customer base consistently and reliably. Nothing helps your business stay competitive like satisfied customers. We’re here to help you keep promises with guaranteed deliveries.


It’s challenging out there. Freight delays cost you money and lower your customer satisfaction scores. VMT Delivery Express is designed to help optimize transportation in any market during any time of the year. We want to help you succeed at making your customers happy. Let’s partner up.


VMT Freight Brokers coordinates connecting freight to the top, most reliable local and OTR owner operators across the United States. These dependable truck drivers and motor carriers have a reputation of delivering ground freight safely and swiftly for our other customers and will do so for you.
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